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Natalie’s Highview Home story


We visited Natalie in her Oak Park custom Hampton style Highview Home. It was beautiful to see someone so passionate about their home, and how much Natalie enjoyed showing it off.

Thank you to Natalie for inviting us in and sharing her experience with us.

Take a look at some of the beautiful pictures from our visit to Oak Park and read about what makes this Highview Home so special to Natalie.

Client in highview

When did you build your Highview Home?

We moved in on the 11th December 2013. Which was my birthday. It was a good birthday present.

Who do you live here with or who has lived here? 

I live here with my hubby, my son Avary who’s 5, and the cats.

How did you hear or know of Highview?

I had a look at a display in Doreen a while ago, and then our friends built a 
Federation style Highview Home in East Keilor. We went and had a look at their home and their finishes and from that we decided we were happy to go with Highview.

Which floorplan did you purchase? Or was it a custom build?

This is based on the Hampton style. We saw one that Highview built in Blackburn which was similar, but smaller. We drove past the display and were invited in, and from that we decided that that was the one for us.  These days it’s hard to get this style. It’s quiet rare, so it was good to find it. 

What attracted you to that style? 

I’ve known about Highview for ages because of their Seachange range. I’ve always liked it because it is that weatherboard look and there’s nothing else around like that – it is quiet unique.

What is your favourite memory at home? 

We have the city view so we could see the fireworks of New Years Eve and it was awesome to watch them from our gorgeous deck. Because we have built double storey, there’s an even better view from our bedroom. After Highview finished our plans, we raised the house another 1 and a half metres from the ground just to achieve that view and it was worth it. We are really lucky to have done it. 

What is/was your favourite room in the house?

I love coming out here (into the open plan living) and it being so bright and open. It’s a room you really want to spend time in. We added more windows to the original plan to bring in more light. 

What is your favourite feature of the home? 

I love the extras that you get with Highview. We chose the platinum package which included arch ways, skirtings, arcitraves and the lead lighting. We changed it to our custom colours of blue and I love that. The high ceilings and the high doors – everyone comments on the extra work that the house has that you don’t always see.

The decorative elements around the island bench just make it pop! It’s not over the top, it’s quiet subtle. I also love the ceiling roses. 

What do you think of when you think of your Highview Home? 

Every time I come home I am just so happy to be here and I love it. I am so happy we decided to build instead of buy and renovate. This is exactly what we wanted. I am glad we did it.

I think it feels classic, timeless, elegant, bright, and I think it stands out against everything else in the street.