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Our History

With a rich family history in the industry dating back 75 years,

the Sheppard’s continue to build timeless homes for the families of today.


Delving into the history of Highview Homes, we encounter Cecil (Bob) Sheppard, the original family tradesman. As the youngest among five brothers, Bob knew he wouldn’t inherit the family farm, so he ventured into the building industry in 1948. Starting with humble tasks of hanging and stopping horsehair plaster, Bob gradually transitioned to a plaster supplier, thus marking the inception of the Sheppard family’s legacy in the building industry.

In 1953, Bob’s son, Rex Sheppard, embarked on his own journey as an apprentice plumber. Swiftly mastering his craft, Rex soon established R & B Sheppard Plumbing in Bentleigh. Following a couple of setbacks due to insolvent builders, Rex remarked, “Building can’t be that hard, you just need to be organized.” With this mantra in mind, the original Highview Homes was born in 1965, borrowing the name from Highview Road in East Bentleigh, near the family’s residence.

Russell Sheppard’s career stems back to 1986, when he followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the building industry. Through diverse experiences within the field and constructing his first home as an Owner Builder in 1986, Russell developed a profound understanding of construction. In 2004, an opportunity arose within Highview Homes when one of its long-serving supervisors retired. Russell seized the chance to join the family business, bringing his wealth of experience and hands-on approach to the table. In 2020, with his father’s retirement, Russell founded his own company, Highview Homes Vic.

The onset of the Covid pandemic posed unprecedented challenges. Drawing from his business acumen developed during the economic downturn of the late 1980s to early 1990s, Russell navigated Highview Homes Vic through the tumultuous period. With resilience and a proactive approach, the company successfully weathered the pressures of the pandemic, a testament to Russell’s leadership and adaptability

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Highview Homes has found a niche in the market by seamlessly blending timeless designs with the convenience of modern living. Our portfolio boasts a diverse range of home styles, including Victorian, Federation, Georgian, Modern-Contemporary and Coastal, developing into the Hampton Styles that dominate their builds today.

Highview Homes’ display homes and floorplans are thoughtfully crafted to maximize liveable space and foster a relaxed living environment. However, it’s not uncommon for clients to personalize their plans to align with their unique needs and preferences. Many clients collaborate closely with Highview to create bespoke floor plans that optimize their surroundings and lifestyle.

Highview Homes Vic is conveniently located at the corner of Nepean Highway and Benton’s Roads in Mt Martha. We invite you to drop by our display homes and say hello.

Hampton style home - coastal home style