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dream home coming to fruition

Good Afternoon Jenny,

I know it’s your day away from the office but when you read this tomorrow I wanted you to know that John & I called over to ‘the house in progress’ today and met with Warwick who kindly agreed to walk us through.

We absolutely love it!!!👏👍😘

Having gone from a tiny weatherboard home that served us well for 43 years & 4 children but had sadly deteriorated and become an embarrassment in recent years, we are now ‘so excited that our (my!) dream home is coming to fruition.’

I can’t wait for it to be completed & to move in to start ‘a new life’ celebrating with our children & grandchildren & possibly holding ‘a wedding reception’ for one of our daughter’s & to proudly open the door for our friends to drop over.

“Thank you, thank you”

Fond Regards