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Piotr & Tram Find the perfect match

When Piotr found the perfect block and the perfect home – there was only one issue – developer rules would not allow him to build the Highview Home design he had decided on. He feared he would have to build with a large volume builder.

But a couple of questions to Highview and Piotr soon found out that he could quite easily change the façade and have his dream home in his dream location.

“I walked into the Seachange display home in Cranbourne and I immediately knew it was the home I wanted. It stood out from all of the other mass-produced homes – it had character – it was light and the floor plan was very well thought out.”

With the block bought, and the ability to custom the Seachange design everything started to fall into place.

“Many of the other homes in the estate were built faster than mine, but Highview take their time to get it right, and it was clear this approach would benefit us in the longer term. Less slapdash than some of the other builders.”

Coming from an engineering background Piotr paid attention to the energy efficiency of the Highview Home. “The raked ceiling adds light and warmth, see…even on this dreary winters day today, we don’t need to have a light on.” Piotr has also added double glazed windows and enjoys the ventilation gained from large opening windows and cross breezes in summer.

“In summer I can stand in the kitchen with the sliding door, front door and window open. The ventilation and insulation is great, saving us on heating and cooling costs.”

Princess Lexi was also a priority in the house planning. The beloved German Shepherd has her own room and enough space to run around in the backyard.

Creating a home in the Croydon estate is an ongoing project involving family and friends. Piotr built the deck and completed the landscaping with his father.

Piotr’s lovely wife Tram is also growing her veggie garden so she can continue to create meals that Piotr says are on par with well-known celebrity chefs!

In the future Piotr and Tram may decide to add an extra story, making the most of the beautiful views over the Yarra Ranges. Piotr has been reassured that adding a second story will not be a problem, as the spacing of the frame trusses are at a suitable distance to hold another floor, just another example of Highview Homes ensuring customers can alter the home to suit their changing needs.

“Hopefully in the future we will hear the pitter-patter of footsteps in this house. I can’t wait to continue to make unforgettable memories with our family here, in our home.”

To discuss the building of your customised Highview Home, contact us today. We will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

We thank Piotr and Tram for inviting us into their wonderful home and sharing their Highview Homes story with us.